A Fancy Sabbath

Let me preface this post with letting y’all know that the Hubz is out of town on a business trip for 8 days. Most times when he travels, he’s home by late Friday night but this time he’s at a weekend conference. So I’m on my own with my little munchkins. FOR 8 DAYS!!!!

Today, I thought my kids had collaborated on a new form of Mommy Torture called staggered naps. All of us were up and at em by 6:30am. I put Fancy Princess back down from 8:30-10:30 when Fancy Kid decided he needed an early nap. In a perfect world, we would have gone to church at 11, naps from 1-3 then hit the gym but God had a different plan for us today. I had a stinky attitude until I stopped to pray. “Lord, I’m not going to get ANYTHING done today. Can’t even go to church…much less the other items I have on my TO DO list.” <—then I stomped my feet and pouted some more. BUt then a great thing happened. While I was pouting, I heard God tell me to chillax. He said (not in an audible voice, just to clarify. lol) I am giving you a gift today. Rest in Me. I have a better plan. Throw out your list and spend some special time with me and each child. Worship Me today in all that you do.

So now, me and the Fancy Princess are listening to worship music and making some peaches into baby food. When Fancy Kid wakes up (and Princess goes back to sleep) we may read some bible stories or go outside and pick up snails and bugs and talk about all that God has created for us to enjoy.

His way is better than my way every day of the week. It’s so hard for me to stop and listen. So, thank you God for the gift you have given me today. I will be thankful for what I have and enjoy my sweet babies today.

Fancy Kid and Fancy Princess Play Ball

Forgive the shaky video. This was one of the first times the kiddos have actually kinda played together!

Bubblepalooza 2013





This morning we woke up and headed out to Bubblepalooza 2013 at the Long Center. What is a Bubblepalooza, you may ask. Great question, blog reader! It’s a fun festival, here in Austin, sponsored by local businesses. They provide tons of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, cool bands that play kid friendly music and sponsors show up and pass out free goodies. We got a beach ball, some snacks, a bandana, water bottle and plenty of other doodads that we don’t need. Ha! There were food trucks out today but we had a big breakfast at home this morning and weren’t hungry yet. Here’s some pics of the fun we had.

IMG_5040Bubbles outside



IMG_5042Bubbles in a tent.

IMG_5045Fancy Princess trying to stay cool in front of a big outdoor fan.

IMG_5047Fancy Kid making some bubbles with a fly swatter.



IMG_5055He found some shade under a parachute!





IMG_5060Are you ready for some football!

IMG_5062Hippity Hop!


IMG_5067Ethan & his BFF, Soren

IMG_5069Fancy Hubby and his BFF, Brandon – Dads on baby duty.

And now we’re back home, ready for some lunch and naps!

Fancy Princess’s First Laugh

I'm back and I have a new kid!

Okay, so I took a looong break but I”m back and will be posting more regularly. I have a good excuse though. I was busy incubating, birthing and now parenting our new baby! The “new” baby is now a smiley, chunky 3 month old.


┬áThis is sweet baby Emily. She”s my new “Fancy Princess”.


This is my BIG BOY, Ethan!! Now he”s 2 and half (31 months for nerdy moms like me). Since he”s no longer a “Fancy Baby” now he becomes “Fancy casino online Kid”.


Me and my Fancy Princess!


Fancy Princess NOT enjoying a stroll in the wagon.


Fancy Hubby on diaper duty. Love this guy!

That should just about bring things up to speed. I”ve got a few delicious recipes that I”m hoping to get posted soon. Stay tuned!

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